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Rudolf Diesel - The Compression Ignition Engine

Diesel first patented his engine in 1892 as a proposed engine that would compress air so much that it would heat air far higher than the ignition temperature of the fuel.

He was finally granted patent no 608,845 in 1898 as an internal combustion engine.

Diesel invented the engine for sociological needs, so that independent craftsmen could compete with large industries who were at the time using oversized fuel wasting steam engines.

The engine was designed to run on local fuels starting with coal dust and later on vegetable oils. It wasn't until the petrochemical companies started using petrol on a large scale that the by product diesel was used as a fuel.

More about Veggie Power

How did Veggiepower get started?

Fired by a passion for the planet and ecology, we put in years of research and converted our first car to run on Locally produced and/or Waste Vegetable Oil in 2005. Since then we have been supplying DIY kits, and promoting Veggiepower at events and festivals all over the country. We use a twin tank system because we believe this is more reliable and more cost effective way forward for DIY fitting. Our conversion kits have also been tried and tested and found to be working beautifully at Bath University.

Who's running on Veggie Oil already?

Well, Veggiepower, of course! plus...... EX formula one World champion, Jodi Shecter, (now ,an organic farmer) grows rapeseed oil to fuel his £100.000+ converted tractor. X England goalkeeper David James.

Along with press coverage of alternative fuels, Veggiepower has featured frequently in the media and on TV . We have also lobbied the Government, as members of the United Kingdom Pure Plant Oil Association (UKPPOA) and, in July last year, the Tax payable on vegetable oil as a Road fuel was removed, for consumption of less than 2,500 litres per year. (HM Revenues Link) This means it is now possible for you to run your vehicle TOTALLY legally and FREE on Waste Vegetable Oil if you recycle vegetable oil from restaurants /chip shops. Alternatively, you can either bulk buy oil for home delivery or shop at the supermarket. Meanwhile, more and more farmers are growing, pressing, and selling oil direct, so as this eco-solution becomes more popular, there may well be a supplier close to you.

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